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Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps

The Lyngen Alps is a classic destination for ski touring in Norway. Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world come here to ski down the untouched snow-covered mountainsides, which stretch right down to the shores of the Lyngenfjord.

The ski season can be divided into different periods, each offering a different ski touring experience.

Variable season start - skiing under the northern lights The first snowfall on the mountain peaks usually comes in October. The temperature and amount of snow vary greatly from year to year, and there is no guarantee that there will be enough snow for ski touring until January.

If you plan to ski in the wintertime, you need the correct equipment including a headlight. The Northern Lights are often visible in the sky at this time of the year, and skiing under the magical Northern Lights is a breathtaking experience you will long remember. Consequently, this time is best for those with a special interest in this. The weather in February is still cold, but the sun starts slowly but surely to warm, and the snow conditions vary greatly.

March and April - peak season in the Lyngen Alps In March and April, there is normally an abundance of snow and daylight. Consequently, this is regarded as the best time for ski touring in the Lyngen Alps. During this time of the year, you can enjoy sunshine, good snow conditions and nice temperatures. By mid-April it is no longer dark in the evenings.

May and June - ski touring under the midnight sun The Midnight Sun starts to shine in mid-May, making it light 24/7. You can still find good snow conditions in most places. In the early summer, you can lose track of time by the Lyngenfjord. If you wish, you can ski in the middle of the night and enjoy spectacular views of the Midnight Sun reflected in the fjord from a mountain peak in the Lyngen Alps.

Safe ski touring - remember to check Before heading out on a ski tour, remember to check the avalanche bulletions from For our region the bulletins for Lyngen and Nord-Troms applies, check the map for info about the area.

Brochures and maps for ski touring in Lyngen For planning your ski touring holiday and trips in the Lyngen Alps and surrounding mountains we recommend you to check out and use the following maps.
  • Lyngsalpene, FriFlyt 1:50 000
  • Lyngenhalvøya Nord, Nordeca, 1:50 000 (Northern Lyngen peninsula)
  • Lyngenhalvøya Sør, Nordeca, 1:50 000 (Southern Lyngen peninsula)
  • Ut i Nord kartserie 1:50 000:Kåfjord: All the mountains on the eastern side of the Lyngenfjord, and Skjervøy: The mountains north of Lyngen around Skjervøy, Kågen and Arnøya.

The following books about ski touring in the Lyngen Alps and surroundings give you a good idea about the different tours you can take:
  • Ski Touring in Troms by Espen Nordahl features descriptions of 82 summit ski trips throughout Troms County
  • The Lyngen Alps by Sjur Nesheim and Eivind Smeland features descriptions of how to conquer most of the peaks in the Lyngen Alps – in winter and summer.
  • Download for free the new brochure for ski touring north of the Lyngen Alps by Espen Nordahl.

Plan your stay in the Lyngen Alps In the Lyngenfjord region you can choose between staying in everything from a simple accommodation to one of the lodges. There is something for most budgets.

Check the Visit Lyngenfjord webpage for package offers

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Lyngenfjord AS

Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps

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