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Astruptunet is situated in idyllic surroundings on the south side of Jølstravatnet, and is the home of the artist Nikolai Astrup

Astruptunet is situated in idyllic surroundings on the south side of Jølstravatnet. Here you will find the home of painter, illustrator and graphic artist Nikolai Astrup (1880 - 1928), who is one of Norway´s most famous national artists.

Astrup experimented with the woodcut and was also an innovator in graphic techniques. He varied his work freely and untraditionally, sometimes by working on the place during the printing process, and sometimes by hand coloring the print after printing. 

After he completed his studies, he moved home to portray the nature and the people of Jølster. Astruptunet is not just an artist´s home, but also an important part of the artist´s life. As in Astrup´s paintings, we will see how Astrups´s love for the landscape and area still permeates the atmosphere around the farm, both internally and externally. 

The gallery contains permanent exhibitions of Astrup's art, graphics, paintings, lithographs, and sketches. In 2016 Atrups´s art was launched internationally in London and Germany.

Opening hours

Astruptunet has season closed, but it is possible to book a guided tour by appointment. Contact Solveig Berg Lofnes at +47 99 20 26 76 / +47 47 47 22 36 to book a private guided tour.

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