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Sigurd Nomes Skulptursamling

The museum owns several hundred works of the artist Sigurd Nome in plaster, stone and bronze.

Sigurd Nome was born in Øyslebø in the Marnardal region in 1911. After extensive art studies including the State Academy of Fine Arts from 1935-37, he first exhibited at the National Annual Autuumn Exhibition in Oslo in 1937. All his life Nome was faithful to det naturalistic representational scholl of sculpture, and his works show how true he was to his subject and to his medium. Nome has ornamented the east facade of the Oslo City Hall with his sculpture "Rorkaren" (The Oarsman, 1945). Nome is particularlys famous for his studies of children, and these statues have become coveted for publicly commissioned ornamentation all over the country. Sigurd Nome was purchased by Nasjonalgalleriet in Oslo, the City of Oslo Art Collection, Bergen Bildegalleri and the bank of Norway. Sigurd Nome died in Oslo in 1979. The familiy of the artist has genorously donated the great collection of sculptures to Marnardal County Council. This collection is now displayed at Høgtun Kultursenter in Øyselbø.

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Sigurd Nomes Skulptursamling

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